National Heroes


Heroes & Nation Building: National Heroes must be of a caliber that inspires the best in our children. They must bring out the Man in our Boys and Nurture the Woman in our Girls. Heroes help to provide the foundations for a positive and unassailable self-identity.

Our Black History: 🙂 over 6000 years 🙂

(word version) Fully EDITABLE!!! Tailor it to suit your FAMILY!

Ten Black SHEROES (women): Every child should know(PDF)

Ten Black Heroes (Men): Every child should know(PDF)

Ten Black SHEROES (women): (Microsoft Word -edit & personalize me!)

Ten Black Heroes (Men) (Microsoft Word -edit & personalize me!)

The lists of TEN BLACK HEROES were made for OUR children, in an effort to do for them what Jamaica does for its children.  Jamaica  continues to give ALL its children SEVEN national Heroes of irreproachable character.

These SEVEN Jamaican Heroes serve as a foundation on which Jamaicans stand firm -creating an educated,  proud, strong and delightfully fearless people.

Here in North America & through out the African Diaspora we will do an even Greater Service to our children by giving them atleast Ten Black Heroes. We are the Leaders of the World and the Key to the Future. It is especially the African Americans who will be both the cornerstone & capstone of our victory. Our future, like our past, will be BRILLIANT!!!

~We are the Defenders of the Blackwoman!
~BlackLove, BlackRoots & BlackFamily.



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