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Black Love: BlackRoots: Hotep

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Welcome to Black Home-School Academy!!! Our Principles are Afrikan and our Foundation is Knowledge of Self. We are centered around “The Ten Heroines & Heroes” who represent great academic, spiritual, political and domestic qualities. BlackRoots.

Our goals are to have our children Academically, Socially & Mentally prepared for  college or technical/professional programs by the age of 12 -if not sooner.

We teach using Medical Charts for Anatomy and Biology, CLEP & GED practice questions for Math & English. We teach History from a Black perspective and from the position of Black Empowerment; We do not teach Slavery, we more accurately & appropriately teach Rebellion & Revolts, Leadership, Innovation & Black Empowerment.

We teach Social & Geographical knowledge beginning with Africa, then Asia, Latin & North America, Europe & Antarctica.

Economic lessons include (1) Money: Making  $$$ vs Having $$$ (2) The Art of Borrowing: When to borrow, How to borrow & Why to borrow (3) Credit Cards  (4) Credit Score (4) Homeownership  (5) Investments & (6) The Art of Lending.