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History(PDF) History is Best Qualified to Reward your Research (PDF)

History is about Three Things: (1) Perspective, (2) Power & (3) Propaganda. Whose perspective is the STORY being told from, Who are you trying to EMPOWER  & the rest is merely PROPAGANDA.

We teach history from the Black Perspective and from the Position of Black EMPOWERMENT. Propaganda: Did Napoleon really cry when Touissant and Desalines gave him a sound beating??? -He certainly did.

Knowledge: Before accepting anything, ask yourself “Does it make me or my children stronger?”
-If the answer is “No” then reject it.
-If the answer is “Yes” then embrace it.

~An Anthropological Perspective on Europe
courtesy of The Great Kinshasa University
~Other Customs by Fremde Sitten~

~The First Americans were Black *not Indian*~ *remember that these are only partial truths and are based on yt’s latest ignorance (skip to 15min).

~Yes, We are not All one race 🙂
~The Blackrace is 1billion 8million people~

Yes, i have some neanderthal dna and NOPE i don’t want anymore 😀
*Neanderthal DNA is  is Dross/UnDesirable