Mathematics: Mathematics is the language of the Universe and we are custodians of the Universe. Competency in Math is Paramount, from the Moors to Queen Hat-shep-sut (the Great Architect) and Imhotep, Mathematics is fundamental to us as a Black People. From Divination & Initiation to Innovation, Mathematics all the way!!!

Numberline Excercise: We draw number lines each morning. First drawing the (+) & (-) symbols and placing the ZERO. On the right and left side of ZERO goes 1,2,3 and more numbers if they can hold. Lastly, the Negative signs are placed on the Negative Numbers.

Arabic Numerals: It is emphasized that the Black Moors gave Europeans Arabic Numerals to replace the bulky Greek & Roman Numerals that were in use. Additionally, the Moors taught them to Add and Subtract using Columns, for example, in doing 24+32, The number 24 is placed OVER 32 and we add the One’s Column and then add the Ten’s Column.

Pythagorean Theorem (a² + b² = c²): When time comes, we will teach with historical accuracy that Pythagoras studied for 22 years in Afrika at the Feet of Afrikans and effectively learned his mathematical A,B,C’s.

Multiplication Tables: We will memorize the multiplication tables.
*Please Memorize the times tables up to 12 times !!!

Mathematics is Your First Nature.