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~Please Do not take away what you cannot or willnot replace~ 🙂

Being Black is the Best to Be!
Because we have more holidays than all the rest!!

(7 holidays, 7days each giving us 49days per year) 🙂

*Holidays are an opportunity for focused & intense training, education and experience 🙂  Choose them wisely and celebrate them with all your heart!!!

Why do children love holidays?
-because of predictability, stability, co-ordinated activity, enjoyment, food and hope 🙂 *they love looking forward to these PUNCTUATED PERIODS of joy and wonder!!!

What do children love about holidays? — shhh… and secretly you do too… 😉
1. They Love Ritual
2. They Love Ceremony
3. They Love Festivities
4. They Love scheduled Activities
5. They Love Participation
6. They Love Learning!!!
7.  They Love ~BlackLove, BlackRoots & BlackFamily

*Join us in sharing these holidays through out the BlackLove Community 🙂
~We are replacing those boring and silly holidays with BETTER & BEST Holidays 🙂

*BlackLove Provides 😉
~expand your family today, i dare ya!!!



  1. Economic: Kwanzaa Family Discussion Sheet (PDF)
  2. Fertility: Earth Holiday & Mother’s Day Activities (PDF)
  3. Water: The Triumph of Melanin & Children’s Day (PDF)
  4. Fire & Father’s Day: *to be posted
  5. Love: Air Holiday & Spouse Day Activities (PDF)
  6. Spirit Holiday & Grandparents Day: *to be posted
  7. Thanksgiving & Siblings Day: *to be posted

Orisha Holiday

(suggestions are welcome)





P.S. 🙂


@14:00 “it is good to celebrate holidays…we spent 1/3rd of the year working and 2/3rds CELEBRATING… so if you try to take that from Afrikan People, you Kill them… Just don’t Celebrate your own Destruction ” 😉 “Holidays are good for your Emotions!!!”

~BlackLove BlackRoots & BlackFamily ❤
~Celebrate Yours with Ours!!! 😀


8 responses to “Holidays

  1. * Holidays are an opportunity for focused & intense training, education and experience

    I don’t agree with this asterix statement, at least not as an axiom. Holiday for White people is very different than the same for Black people. Holiday for a post-slavery, though pre-restituted Black mind means a time away from labor. To Black people, “Labor” has the connotation of being harsh and stressful, and/or being inlieu of a preferably enjoyous period of time. So “Holiday” is a time taken to be away from this laborious period. Another way to view it is as a period of coping.

    Learning is best received through observation and self-indulgence. However, in our learning curriculm for our youth, we often “force-feed” them what they need, rather than using exploratory and less-adversive methods to provide them the same necessary knowledge. So our youth seek the opportunity to lament in “Holiday” time as a means of coping with or escaping from the laborious time of learning.

    If intending and attempting to redefine the contextual meaning of “Holiday” than I can co-sign the majority of what was shared in this post.

  2. Akoma Day The Cultural Alternative to Valentine’s Day celebrate by Black People in 8 countries!

  3. Check out Akoma Day (The Cultural Alternative to Valentine’s Day)
    “Mon-Washa” or Akoma Day (Cultural Alternative to Valentine’s Day) on facebook.

  4. Shaunita Hawkins

    How can i buy a HomeSchool curriculum? Also how can i get info on kawanza in how to go about learning nd teaching it to my children?


    Hollow days I grew up with are not what I taught my children. We are forgetting Black Solidarity the first monday in November. Support Moors so called Black African Kemetic businesses Malcolm X May 19, honorable shut down businesses between 1-4p.m professor Smalls represented with four year old grand and hundreds then went to Malcolm X and Dr.Betty Shabazz center. The day begins at his grave with a 20 people from each state busloads at 9a.m busloads of children parents retired teachers. Marcus Garvey Aug 17, parade the flag used against the Klan movie “Birth Of A Nation”con federate flag and instilled the Red, Black and Green flag to live is to love and own land and businesses. Labor Day weekend sat in brooklyn is the childrens carnival toddlers on up. Sunday night Jovert’ and the Father Of Labor Day a Black Male lawyer from Ohio started to end the twelve and sixteen hour shifts for Africans, Asians or Spanish speakers. *December 12, July Madiba=Nelson Mandela Day. I will never forget Winnie Mandela who kept his name alive. Freedom Now.

  6. I like this.

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