Finance & Economics: Change the way you view money. Change the way you view welfare. Change the way you view your resources. Get more than change in your pockets.

Traditional economics taught in schools focuses on mystifying money. It comes across as having LITTLE if ANY practical-life Value. They teach compound interest, simple interest & create a general NON-INTEREST in the students.

Borrowing & Real Estate: Young Amerikan 5Yr Financial Plan (PDF)

Wealth Transfer (PDF): The Seven African Powers of Economics – 7 Gifts to a BlackChild (PDF)

Economics & Finance (Single 😦 and or Homeless???)

~It takes money to make money, Right? Well, for those born without money, YOU better learn to Beg, BORROW or Steal~

My BlackFamily, you are too Proud to Beg; My Blackfamily, you are too Righteous to Steal; So my BlackFamily, we must MASTER “The ART OF BORROWING”! ~Later we will study “THE ART OF LENDING”

Encourage: Your children to save $5,000 -that’s how much it takes today to buy a house. It is better to get a CHEAP house than an EXPENSIVE car.