1st: Self,  2nd: BlackFamily (Blackman, Blackwoman & Blackchild),
3rd: BlackCommunity,  4th: BlackNation,  5th: BlackRace

Family: The fundamental unit of any great nation.
: The Long-term Decision & Efforts of more than one persons to maintain a household & build a family.

We Will Cover:1.What is Marriage?2.What is Family?3.The Four Duties of a Father 4.The Characteristics of a Good Wife & Mother

PowerPoint: BlackFamily(ppt)
Choosing a Husband, King, Lord & Protector: Step 1: Evaluation

youngwoman evaluating a man

Choosing a Queen by your side: Youngman Choosing Wives: Are you ready? Are you Able? Are you Willing? *You BETTER BE!!!

Our KWANZAA Document Unity of Race – Umoja (PDF)
*discuss the Big Picture with the children using this Flow chart!
How many Blackpeople are in the world & where are they?
What qualifies a person as being Black?

(PDF) Building Family & Longterm Stability in a 3D World!!! (PDF)
We live in a 3D world…  *Deal with it!!! * In other words THREE points of contact are required for LongTerm Stability!!! ~The following require three dimensions or points for longterm stability~ The Story of A Bicycle, a Chair and a FAMILY!!!


How to keep your marriage: Who are your COUNSELORS (ie. your Witnesses)